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Paytm First Gamers Esports has launched yet another exciting tournament, and this time it is Teamfight Tactics. The strategic game is set in the League of Legends universe with eight players competing to be the last one standing. This free-for-all game, which always leaves you wanting more, is played with you building a powerful team […]

A month ago, we had organized India’s biggest Clash Royale Tournament and it was a blast. The love that we received from all our users was unprecedented. We are now hosting the Clash Royale Tournament again, but this time it’s going to be 9 weeks long. Do you know what that means? More fun and […]

Wondering what’s the whole buzz around Clash Royale? Let’s talk about the epic real-time card battle game that is loved by 100+ million players and how you can enter the Paytm First Games Esports Tournament. Clash Royale is a real-time multiplayer game where your objective is to destroy towers of your opponent with the chosen […]

Before we start this article, let us tell you that if you are new to Rummy, check out this article for a detailed How-To-Play and get acquainted with the basics. Alright! The Joker is one of the most important and versatile cards in the game. The Joker is called “the Trump card” in Indian Rummy […]

The current situation has got us all a bit gloomy, right? Check out these games on Paytm First Games app that will keep you entertained during this lockdown! Rummy As Indians, there’s probably no other card game that we love more. With Rummy on Paytm First Games, the lockdown will seem easy-peasy and guess what? […]