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When we talk of board games, there are a few that come to our mind instantly. One of them is definitely Ludo. The kids at your local tea stall play the game in the evening. The travel group in the train are playing it on their way to Shimla. Ludo is everywhere, isn’t it? It […]

Have you ever gone river rafting? How did you feel? If the answer to the above questions are yes and amazing, then you’re at the right place! Paytm First Games’ very own version of rafting is here. Rafting Adventure, a game where you’re the one who maneuvers the raft and set your sail is here. […]

For all the football lovers out there, we have something special for you at Paytm First Games. Dribble Kings, a fast paced and an exceptional sports game will give you an unconventional experience with it’s controls and gameplay. The game is actually endless (we’re not joking) and you can play it till you don’t lose. […]

Paytm First Games is winning all hearts across the country and we know people love playing games and earning rewards, so we keep giving them more and more. Engaging games, challenging quizzes, big rewards and amazing deals are only a few reasons why people are loving it! Here are some games that are attracting people […]

Like you all know, Paytm First Games is home to many quizzes and contests, but Trivia Live has remained a favourite for a lot of you since the beginning. Trivia Live joined the ‘live games’ trend that has seemed to emerge last year by bringing real-time quizzes to the players. Here are some features of […]