How To Use The Joker Card In Rummy

Before we start this article, let us tell you that if you are new to Rummy, check out this article for a detailed How-To-Play and get acquainted with the basics.

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Alright! The Joker is one of the most important and versatile cards in the game. The Joker is called “the Trump card” in Indian Rummy and for a good reason! 

Joker essentially is a card that helps you create your sequence and sets faster. If you don’t have the appropriate card to complete any set/sequence, use a joker and you’re good to go.

Types of Jokers
There are 2 types of Jokers in a Rummy Game. Printed Joker & Wild Joker. A Printed Joker is the usual Joker card in our deck of cards. whereas a Wild Joker is selected at random at the beginning of the game. In the image below, 7 is the Wild Joker.

So, if 7 of Hearts is chosen as a Wild Card, then the 7 of every suit – hearts, spades, clubs and diamonds – is a Wild Card that can be used to create a sequence or a set.  

  1. Replace with high-value cards

Always try to use the Joker with cards of higher value like Queens & Kings. This will reduce your points.

  1. Make sure to group your joker with other cards

This tip is important In online rummy games. Using a Joker grouped with other cards will give you lesser points, but if you face a technical issue like a bad internet connection, your Joker will help you out. 

  1. Wait For Wild Joker To Be Revealed

Always wait for the Wild Joker to be revealed after the cards are dealt. Once revealed, plan your sets. You would be able to choose better from the decks after the game has started. 

With all these tips, do keep in mind that will not be able to use any joker if you do not have a pure sequence. We’ve explained about Pure Sequences here.

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