Introducing Fantasy Football on First Captains

Do you remember the infamous Maradona’s “Hand of God” or Zidane head butting Materazzi in the 2006 World Cup? Then you are definitely a football fanatic.

We’re glad to announce that after revolutionizing fantasy sports with Cricket and Kabaddi, Paytm First Captains’ ardent players can now test their skills in Fantasy Football.

The 90-minute game loved by billions of people around the world can now make you win Rs. 20 Lakhs. Let’s now talk about how you can be the next Ferguson.

Create your dream team of 11 players which you think will score goals like Ronaldo or keep like Buffon because there are points for everything- passes, shots on target and even if the goalkeeper scores a goal.  Each point matters as it brings you closer to winning lakhs.

So, kick-off your fantasy football journey now and become the best Fantasy Football Manager ever.

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