New Play Modes Launched | Block Puzzle Guardian

If you’re a 90s kid, then the game Block Puzzle Guardian will be your new favourite! The gameplay is fun, exciting and everything a puzzle lover wants! This addictive game embraces our common yearning to create order out of chaos, which is why you’ll want to keep coming back for more.

To start, we’ll tell you how to play Block Puzzle Guardian in the CLASSIC MODE. When you enter the jungle, there are blocks falling down and you have to drag them and place them to make full horizontal or vertical lines. Once a line is made, it is then removed from your screen, giving you space to solve more puzzles which helps you score more. If you leave a space between your blocks and the screen is filled, you will have to restart your game. Here’s a snapshot:

Screenshot Image

The timed mode is exactly what you think it is, it is timed and you have to clear as many lines as possible in order to get the highest score in the given time. Have a look:


If you love those small adrenaline rushes, then this mode custom made for YOU! The BOMB MODE will make you sweat, we guarantee this! The game goes on as usual UNTIL a bomb appears in one of the blocks. The bomb comes with a 10-second timer & you have to clear that line vertically or horizontally in order to move forward. Interesting right?

Give the two new & very exciting modes a try here:
Happy gaming, y’all! 😉


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