What Is Teamfight Tactics & How To Enter The Tournament?

Paytm First Gamers Esports has launched yet another exciting tournament, and this time it is Teamfight Tactics.

The strategic game is set in the League of Legends universe with eight players competing to be the last one standing. This free-for-all game, which always leaves you wanting more, is played with you building a powerful team that fights on your behalf on the battlefield.

To play this incredible game you need champions and how do you buy these champions? With gold! Players accumulate gold during rounds and these champions will move, attack, and cast spell on the battlefield so you can win. Hey, we’re also letting you in a secret, place your champions wisely to unlock your team’s full potential and triumph on the battlefield.

Now let’s move to the exciting part. You can register the Teamfight Tactics Tournament hosted by Paytm First Games Esports with a prize pool of Rs. 75,000, from 9th June till 14th June 2020. Only 512 participants can register for the awaited tournament. That’s not it! The top 8 players will also win Litlle Legends bundle worth RP 4,900. What are you waiting for? Register now and become the ultimate Teamfight Tactics champion.

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