What’s Making All that Buzz?

We have something new for you guys, ready for it?

Say hello to Paytm First Games Buzz!

Paytm First Games Buzz is a player vs player trivia game in which you compete against another player during 10 rounds of timed multiple-choice questions.

Game Play
There are 4 themes for you to choose from. After you pick your theme, you will be paired against a random player who also chose the same theme as you.

Once that is done, you’ll be served questions in 10 rounds & one tie-breaker round (only in case of a tie)that concludes the game. Same questions are served to both the players and the score is calculated on the basis of time taken to answer the question and of course, the accuracy of the answer. Incorrect answers earn zero points.

Where can I find Buzz?
User can play this game on Paytm First Games Pro app under the Trivia Section.

This is that one thing that everyone should try. Paytm First Games’ BUZZ will get you to the edge of your seat and you’re going to love it! Play here!

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